Vincent L. Loar

Vincent L. Loar

It is with sorrow and regret that I am informing you of the death of my father CW4 Vincent L. Loar on March 27th, 2020 at age 79.  He passed due to complications from diabetes that he battled for the last 25-30 years of his life.  He often spoke highly of his service with you all and often told me that he couldn’t believe that they paid him for it.  Due to the wishes of my father he didn’t want a big service and requested to be cremated instead.  No memorial is planned at this time and all I ask is you take a moment to remember him and if you have a story or photo or two please pass it on to me.  
CW4 “Sunny” Loar

I can still see the perpetual smile he always had on his face.  May we pray for the repose of his soul.  While he will be missed, he lives on in our memories!
Ken Robinson

Vince and I were always in different units so we never got to fly the same aircraft. I believe I did crew for him before I went to flight school.  He was always a gentleman.   One of the quiet professionals who always did their job well. 
Very sorry for your loss and to hear of his passing. 
Tim McCartney

God be with you and your entire family.
Mark Fields

Sorry to hear about your dad. I enjoyed the interactions with Vince over the years, a true professional and a great person. Please accept my condolences, he will be missed.
Bill Cumbow

It is with great sorrow that I heard about your Dad. Vince and I flew together for many years in both the State of Ohio and the Ohio National Guard. When he came on board with the the State I  taught him how to fly a helicopter and we flew together for a number of years until he developed diabetes. He will be sorely missed.
Bob Holmes

Sorry to hear about Vince. I remember “Hobo Village” at that state up north with fond memories! I can easily identify with him in that we got paid to have all that much fun! My he rest in peace!
Marty Ciriachi

I’m truly sorry about your loss! Your Dad was a class act and have so many great memories flying with him! Will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
Chris Richter

I’m sorry to hear about your Dad. What a great guy.  My memories of him fade back to the 1980’s when he was the mess officer at Grayling.  Your Dad, Jerry Walsh, Terry Alt, Earl Johnson, and Paul Holbrook as the Commander.  They were quite a group, always joking and carrying on .  Those are memories I’ll never forget. Your Dad will never be forgotten, and my prayers are with him and your family.  God bless you and your family.
Bill Richards

Sorry to hear about Vince!  He was a great guy!  Prayers to you and your family. 
Andy Morrow

So sorry to hear about your father. Your family will be in our prayers.
Doug Schmitt

Wow….sorry to hear this.  I always had the utmost respect for Vince and he was a joy to be around.  Robbin and I will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.
DK Taylor

While mere words will never seem sufficient at times such as these, I’d like to convey my sincere and heartfelt condolences on the loss of your father, Vincent Loar. He was an excellent pilot, a consummate professional and a wonderful man…and you were truly blessed to have him as both a father and a mentor. 
The times ahead will be both busy and difficult, but rest assured that your dad is still logging flight time — with the angels in Heaven — and I’m sure he’ll check in on you from time to time until that day when you’ll both be together again…
Take care and God bless yourself, family and friends.
Bob Cutajar (former OHARNG UH-1 and UH-60 pilot)

Here's a photo with (l-r) me, Cliff Simpson, and Vince at a facility reunion quite a few years ago.

I well remember flying with Vince and camping together at Camp Grayling, MI. Vince would travel “heavy”. He would arrive with two foot lockers full of food and other “necessary” items, plus his tent, cot, stove, etc. We would help him move his goods from the truck to our camping area known as Hobo Village. Vince and the rest of us spent many evenings around a camp fire telling stories. Vince was a great guy and I am very sorry for your loss. 
Jamie Hays

Here’s a photo with (l-r) me, Cliff Simpson, and Vince at a facility reunion quite a few years ago.

I am sorry to hear of the loss to you and your family! You are in our prayers.
Thomas Fair

I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I worked with both of you and have the greatest respect for you both. I just hope the high regard folks held for you’d dad gives you and your family some comfort. My prayers go out to you and your family.
Mark Reynard

Sorry Sunny,
He was a great guy. I am sure that yes was very proud of you. I’ll be thinking of you,
Steve Kline


So sorry to hear about your dad’s passing. I spent many years flying with him while we were in the Attack Troop, then in the 107th ACR, and finally in the 137th. He was a great pilot and even greater friend. I remember going to annual training at Camp Grayling with him, the many hours we spent at the Grayling Officers Club drinking “snake bites” out of Cav hats. Then When we went to the field for a week we set up our tents and lawn chairs and dubbed our campsite area “Hobo Village”. Vince was a charter member of the Hobo Village. We ended up retiring from the OHARNG on the same day in August 1996.
Our prayers go out to you and your family on the passing of our stick buddy.
Chuck Anderson CW4 (ret) OHARNG 

Very sorry to hear this. Vince was a great man and pilot. He taught me a lot. I pray for your family and hope you find happiness in his memory.
Lew Meyers

So sad about your dad passing. Vince was a great asset to the OANG and a good friend. Always enjoyed flying with him. Keep the good memories of him, they will help you through this sad time.
Ken Dolan

Sorry to hear of his passing.  Only flew with him a few times.  Great guy
Rick Heaberlin

My condolences Sunny.
I have fond memories of Vince being one of the pilots that I literally looked up to, I’m 5’ 7” and he was much taller, as an enlisted UH-1 crew chief. When I was around 20 years old he helped fuel my passion to follow his lead to become a rated Army aviator.
Adam Worthington

My condolences and prayers with you and your family.
Ken Ramos

Sunny and all…
Very sad news to hear Vince has passed away.  My memories of Vince are of a consummate professional, all smiles, and a healthy edge of Warrior Spirit.
We pray for Friends and Family of those who knew and cared for Vince and morn his loss. 
Peace. “…and may the Perpetual Light shine upon him.”
Rick Bedard

Your dad and I had been good friends since the mid 70s when both of us flew for the State of Ohio. Even though we worked for different State agencies, we often went on photo missions together in the old twin Beech. Among his many skills, Vince was a superb pilot. I  admired him for his smooth control touch and calm demeanor.
Your dad shared my enjoyment of electronics, motorcycles and working on cars. Do you remember that yellow VW that he rebuilt into a dune bug? He’d often bring his dirt bike to Grayling during annual training and he’d let me ride it whenever I wanted. He was always a kind and helpful coworker when we weren’t flying too. Once, when I was applying for higher paying position, Vince helped me write and re-write my resume. He was also very knowledgeable of  computers and software. He spent hours helping me choose a personal computer and showing me how to set up database software. More than a few times, we’d have our workday “lunch” together at Micro Center perusing the latest equipment.
He helped convince me what a good deal it was to join the Ohio Guard and apply for the “Civilian Acquired Skills” aviation program. It was a not just a good deal, it was probably one of the best things I ever did in my life, thanks in part to Vince.
John Clem