Tom Carey

Tom Carey

Died September 13, 2023

“TC”as he was called was an aircraft repairman at AASF #2 back in the 70s. 

He moved to a Readiness NCO position with 1/137th Battalion when it stood up.  Later he moved to the 1416th TC/ D/137 AVIM, as the Readiness NCO. 

Tom was always technically and tactically proficient and one of the most intelligent people I have ever met.  He was an avid runner as well.  He was a great family man with a lovely wife, Linda, and two children.  I remember his son’s name, Thomas Jr,  but can’t recall his daughter’s name.

He attended Ohio OCS back in the late 70s or early 80s, graduating with honor.  He chose to defer his commission and stay in his Readiness NCO position.  

Rich Burke
I received this note from Linda Carey on Facebook messenger through Tom’s profile. Tom worked at AASF#2 in the late seventies and then became the AGR Training NCO for 1416th TC/Co D 137th Avn (AVIM). I ran into Tom and Linda Carey at Krogers on Sawmill three or four years ago. Tom had recently suffered a stroke and was struggling from some of the after effects. As far as I know they were still living in the Sawmill Smokey Row area. I have lost their phone number. If anyone has it please text or email me at the phone number listed below.

Hi Rich this is Linda Carey. I wanted to let you know that my Tom passed away September 13.We had no service 🥲 Tom’s wishes and Tom Jr and I are having his ashes placed at Arlington National Cemetery. Hope you and family are doing well 😊you can share Tom’s passing with your Ohio National Guard friends. Thanks Linda Carey

Larry VanSyckle
SFC Tom Carey part of the “brotherhood” US Army, OHARNG:
1416th Trans Co (DS) (GS) and
Co D 137th AVN
rest in peace “ old soldiers never die they just fade away”

Steve Martin
Tom was a good soldier and a good man. I will always have fond memories of working with Tom at AASF #2 and the 1416th TC (AVIM). Tom, Andy Mays and Larry Van Syckle were quite a team, dedicated to excellence. The soldiers of the 1416th and I were the beneficiaries. RIP Tom.

Tim Carrabine
Remember Tom well during my time as part of the 1416th. My he rest in peace.

James Chisman
Larry, thanks for sharing.  Tom was our readiness NCO in the old 1416 and then D Company.  A very brilliant and talented guy.  Sure did a great job, as you did as well.  The “brotherhood” was the core of that fine unit and Tom was instrumental in its many distinguished accomplishments.  I’ve often told people that if somebody brought the Delta Hawks a data plate, they would build and fly a replacement helicopter.  I’m not sure how many people know that Tom was a distinguished graduate of the Ohio OCS program, but chose not to take his commission.  My condolences to Linda and family.  God speed TC.

Bob Shuler
Rest in Peace Tom, no more pain, ever.

Tom Pirone
Tom and I worked together in D Company. He was a unique and special person. Rest in Peace my friend.

Greg Casagrande
So sorry to hear about Tom’s passing. He dedicated himself to the Ohio Guard and the unit. I enjoyed knowing Tom my condolences to Linda and Tommy. Rest in peace 

Andy Morrow
Although this is terrible news, thanks for sharing with us Rich.
I brought Tom with me as part of the initial Full Time staff when we formed the current 1-137th Av Bn from elements of the 1-137th (AVIM) Bn, 2-137th Av Bn and 4/107th ACR. Tom was an outstanding Readiness NCO and was probably more knowledgeable about Training Doctrine than most people gave him credit for. I never regretted bringing Tom with me and he always took care of the soldiers in the units he served in. This news saddens me very much. Tom was the one that called me when we lost our great friend Larry Hart several years ago. I miss both of them very much! Prayers to Linda and the family.

Lewis Meyers
Well said, Andy. Tom was greatly admired by all who worked with him, or knew him.

John Harris
This is sad news. I always admired and respected Tom. A true quiet professional.

Rick Bedard
Had the privilege to work with Tom as the S2/3 for 1/137th Avn…a quiet and highly competent Warrior. Kept it straight, kept it simple, always with a smile. Rest in Peace, Soldier.